Project Supervision

Project supervision is an integral part of any project and is designed to protect the interests of the homeowner as the job moves forward. This not only includes maintaining a presence on site, but also working closely with the contractors during the initial bidding operations. No matter how detailed a plan is, the nature of landscape work almost always invites change. More often than not these changes require prompt, informed judgment calls in the field. These decisions can significantly contribute to the success or failure of a project. Disciplined and active project supervision ensures the intent of the plans is followed, quality control standards are monitored, and schedules and budgets are maintained.

Work covered under supervision would include, but not be limited to: Job estimating, bid solicitation, contractor reviews and meetings, project management, plant tagging and nursery visits, and periodic on site supervision and layout of all landscape operations.

"We have built several homes over the years and have worked with countless developers and architects. Dana is the best landscape architect and project manager we have ever worked with. He conceptualized and executed exactly what we were looking for. Dana can be trusted to deliver excellence with integrity."
—John and Gina Dineen
Chestnut Hill, MA